jeudi 26 février 2009

금사과 나무- les pommes d'or 2009, casterman

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romantika a dit…

우와 축하축하-
나 3월 중순에 한국 갈거 같아
갔다가 5월에 돌아올지 아님 안 돌아올지
아직 모르겠지만
나중에 통화 한번 하자
디플롬 준비 잘해-

Olivia_p a dit…

Hi has sent me today this book. I am curious. Sure that I will be charmed with the book, I imagine it in view of your work

songsong a dit…

to olivia.

i'm so happy to your message.
because it is my first picture book
so you are my fiste reader maybe.
thank you! ^--^

valerio vidali a dit…


Olivia_p a dit…

yesterday I have received the book, though I live in a little Spanish city to the northwest, (very green, where the Celtic music and Roman culture coexist) from Paris the mail it is not in the habit of being late any more than five days.
J'adore le livre, is beautiful!
a simple but very good history, is a good story to tell to a child the history of your country. But I bought the book for the illustrations, wonderful, full of color magic!

songsong a dit…


You b a dit…

you did tell me your book has published! congratulations! look fantastic!

Olga a dit…

chere Heejin,
merci! Je suis ravie d´entendre de tes nouvelles! Félicitations a ton livre Les pommes d´or, qui était finalement publié! C´est vraiment un grand succes! Ton adresse e-mail ne fonctionnait pas:-( Donc je suis heureuse que tu m´avait écrit un commentaire. On doit se voir a Prague en septembre! Sinon je suis toujour a la meme place, et toi?